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Helping companies move ahead in highly competitive and dynamic markets. Confidence in what we do through a compensation structure that aligns our incentives with the value we create.

Our Audiences

Corporate Executives

Companies with foresight tend to outperform those that rely on hindsight. It continues to be among the most fascinating of challenges, especially following several relatively robust decades and the last all-out run for global growth we just experienced.


While Walther Partners is well-known among many lawyers, few are aware of the breadth of capabilities we offer that support a variety of legal practices, including M&A, litigation, corporate governance and investigations, e-discovery, fraud and corporate turnaround and bankruptcy. Our goal is to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your clients in any area.

Creditors & Lenders

Lenders have to get it right, whether “it” is your own internal efficiency or your ability to negotiate through the ever-changing landscape. Creditors face customers whose business outlook is precarious, an environment offering virtually no financing options, and yet more uncertainty stemming from evolving insolvency laws across the globe.

Tireless Effort, Timely Results

We'd love to meet you and help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

Our Services

Our senior business and consulting professionals are experienced as interim executive’s court appointed “Chief Restructuring Officers” and proficient at Businessman’s Reviews providing relevant accurate information.

Corporate Turnaround

Because we’re business executives first, we understand how to build consensus, manage expectations and control the restructuring process by concentrating on certainty, predictability and results.  Here are just a few of the things Walther Partners can achieve for you.

Enterprise Improvement

Capitalization can be corrected through the initiative of any of the stakeholders. Currently, and throughout 2009, companies may be relying on self-financing and recreating their capital models. Walther Partners, Inc.  provides your company the assurance that your affairs are handled correctly and efficiently.

Financial Advisory Services

We can assist counsel in determining the most economically prudent strategy to efficiently move forward with critical decisions regarding investigations, valuation and litigation. That can be the difference between winning and not surviving. Walther Partners advise based on the following:

Our Team

Gary Walther

Gary D. Walther is the Managing Director of Walther Partners. He is a recognized strategist and restructuring specialist who has worked with a wide variety of companies. He is the founder of the firm’s practice and is instrumental in driving it’s rapid growth in recent years.

Prior to joining Walther Partners in 1998, Gary led executive functions and business units at several publicly-held businesses. He previously served as the chief financial and strategic planning officer for E Z Serve Corporation (AMEX:EZS) and Hi/Lo Automotive (NYSE:HLO) and as a director of Rankin Automotive (Nasaq: RAVE). He was also first audit director and then principal accounting officer of Gordon Jewelry Corporation (NYSE: GJC). Joining GJC after leaving Arthur Andersen & Co.’s audit and accounting practice as a senior manager.

Gary’s experience as a consultant and practitioner spans the value chain. He has led some of the firm’s most successful client engagements, including serving as chief restructuring officer in the domestic exploration and production industry.

Gary holds CPA and CTP Certificates and has a bachelor degree in business administration from Ohio State University.

Cynthia Walther

Cindy is a Certified Public Accountant with approximately 33 years experience.  Her work experience includes progressive management in all areas of accounting, auditing and tax services. She has been with Walther Partners, Inc. since 2007.


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