Information Management Services

Information Management Services

Tireless effort.

These days, nearly everything we do is captured digitally. Electronic files never go away, which consequently changes the way business is done. This is particularly important for lawyers. Your challenge is figuring out how to turn data into knowledge. How do you access, compile and analyze the information to help you win your case? 

And as this pertains to discovery, can you look the judge in the eye and say you’ve done everything according to the law? Can you be confident you’ve looked everywhere you could, and that you’ve protected the integrity of the evidence?

Timely results.

In critical, high-impact cases, you need an effective partner – a partner with the mentality of an auditor and the diligence of a risk manager. Our people utilize cutting-edge technology, and complement it with the knowledge and expertise of a team of highly credentialed and experienced experts.  

We work directly with counsel to understand the situation, the facts and the data needs, then secure all of the information you need so you can concentrate on the substance and strategy of your case.  

Bankruptcy Management Services

There is little doubt about it: facing bankruptcy is among the most uncomfortable of business decisions. Bankruptcy ends and begins a life cycle of your business, it is a critical time. 

In the face of such a challenge, you need a team of experienced people with experience and willingness to take charge of the bankruptcy-administration process which becomes crucial to success.  

At Walther Partners, our teams of experienced professionals deliver start-to-finish capabilities covering all bankruptcy issues and support, from prior-to-filing to successful case conclusion. By assisting you from the beginning of the case through the end, we maximize efficiency and effectiveness. 

With backgrounds in accounting, finance, treasury and law, our professionals offer significant bankruptcy experience, strong financial and accounting skills and technology expertise. 

We are available to serve in a variety of key roles, including claims agent, plan administrator or trustee. We maximize recoveries to creditors by focusing on claims against the estate. Our approach to claims resolution allows us to strategically control the claims resolution process, and our process for resolving bankruptcy matters embraces a number of check points, each of which requires specific and timely action.   

Electronic Discovery

For litigators and in-house counsel involved in litigation efficient, effective electronic discovery is a key component of the process. 

Our team of professionals understand the importance of identifying, preserving, processing and hosting relevant electronic data that stands up to judicial scrutiny, they provide expert testimony regarding procedures, and support clients in discussions with regulatory agencies and other outside parties.  

Our professionals transform raw data into information for litigation and investigation teams through a series of sophisticated analyses including advanced data mining, sampling models, statistical analysis and high-volume data accumulation. We also provide estate professionals with secure, remote, automated access to relevant data and reporting.  

We can help obtain and secure vast amounts of critical electronic data from both legacy and advanced technology platform solutions, including lost, hidden or deleted information.  

Covering every step of the discovery lifecycle in litigation, Walther Partners offers an end-to-end e-discovery capability that is truly unique. Our experienced professionals deliver focused, accurate and timely results when it really matters.  

Corporate Information Management Services

At Walther Partners, our professionals have a total commitment to results, and for analyzing high-volume transactions and complex data sets, they have mastered the intricacies and power of technology to convert data into information.  

Working in small, focused teams, our people offer a comprehensive list of services, including database programming across virtually all types of operating systems, as well as vast experience in finance, accounting and litigation. Anyone dealing with commercial litigation, internal investigations or regulatory inquiries will benefit from this powerful combination of talent that delivers both insights and solutions.  

Communications Services

Our greatest success comes from managing change; change is the constant among all organizations. When it comes to being successful, communicating change with the expected results allows for the alignment of corporate culture with business objectives.  

At Walther Partners, our professionals provide comprehensive communications consulting services to help assess, plan, communicate, manage and sustain corporate change. We offer a full suite of communications services tailored for corporate management and other advisors. Working directly with management, we develop and execute communications plans in connection with document retention plan implementations, reductions in force, restructurings, Chapter 11’s and mergers and acquisitions.  

We also offer comprehensive logistics planning and execution, as well as project management services in connection with large corporate changes and initiatives including merger integration, back-office and other consolidations, systems implementation, litigation-related services and large customer and vendor initiatives.  

Our corporate training services include the development of customized programs for developing and instituting compliance policies. We can also develop customized employee training programs to facilitate electronic discovery tool implementation, restructurings and transitions into Chapter 11.