Our Services

Our senior business and consulting professionals are experienced as interim executive’s court appointed “Chief Restructuring Officers” and proficient at Businessman’s Reviews providing relevant accurate information.

Corpoprate Turnaround

Because we’re business executives first, we understand how to build consensus, manage expectations and control the restructuring process by concentrating on certainty, predictability and results.  Here are just a few of the things Walther Partners can achieve for you.

Enterprise Improvement

Capitalization can be corrected through the initiative of any of the stakeholders. Currently, and throughout 2009, companies may be relying on self-financing and recreating their capital models. Walther Partners, Inc.  provides your company the assurance that your affairs are handled correctly and efficiently.

Financial Advisory Services

We can assist counsel in determining the most economically prudent strategy to efficiently move forward with critical decisions regarding investigations, valuation and litigation. That can be the difference between winning and not surviving. Walther Partners advise based on the following: